So I’m taking a break from the world of 2D this Sunday and Diving head first into the world of Resin Kits. This is Maschinen Krueger and all of these pieces are culled from It’s a pretty incredible site and the series of models are amazing. In their own words:

SF3D was a Sci Fi plastic model series which ran during the mid 1980s. The series was created by artist Kow Yokoyama with Kunitaka Imai and Hiroshi Ichimura. SF3D was introduced in the Hobby Japan Magazine as a special monthly installment of scratch built models. Nitto, a small Japanese company picked up the rights to make plastic kits of Kow’s designs. The models produced were very high quality with crisp molding, fine details and they included copper rod, brass tube, spring coils, and photo-etched parts. They were one of the first multimedia kits produced. The series ended after a few years. In 1998, the series was reintroduced by Nitto and Kow under the new name Maschinen Krieger Zbv 3000. Or simply MaK.

Bruce Timm. Bruce has been the stylistic voice of DC Comics animation since the early 1990’s he wonderfully playful forms and instantly recognizable style have become a signature. A great comic artist and painter in his own right he’s really created a special place for himself in the hearts of fans.

Greg Staples. Greg was brought into the Magic stable of artists in the late 90’s with guys like Jim Murray and Kev Walker. Known largely for his Judge Dredd work he went on to become a top contributor to Magic the Gathering. In addition to his TCG duties he has also dabbled in video game art with stints for Blizzard entertainment.